Training Towel Bat

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One of the BEST Training products on the market. Designed by renowned hitting instructor Craig Wallenbrock for teaching hitters the proper bat path by listening and seeing the towel snap through the zone. You can use this Towel Trainer with your top or bottom hand & finish up with both hands. Making sure the towel snap is out front and not back in the hitting zone.


*See video below of Craig Wallenbrock showing the proper bat path using the towel bat.

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3 Reviews

Ron Sullivan 08-25-2021


As a hitting coach, I think lag is one of the toughest feelings to teach. This product gives kids (so far tested with 9-17 year olds) an instant “aha” moment when you get them to feel the snap. I didn’t expect it to help with bat speed, but have no doubt it will create more functional strength as well. It’s a little bit of a workout!

Adam Wood 08-04-2020

One of the best training tools

Phenomenal product for teaching the proper bat path and what we are trying to do in the swing.

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