Pro Model TGJR

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 Trinity Pro model TGJR was designed for Tony Gwynn Jr. It is the perfect combination of balance and barrel size. Originated from the bat that Tony Gwynn "Mr. Padre" used, this modern version has a large flared knob allowing for natural balance not found in most big-barreled bats. This model is a great weapon for the all-around hitter.


• Handle: large

• Barrel: large

• Knob: large flare

• Feel: Balanced

• Steel compressed for complete barrel hardness

• Pro ink dot test 



Finish Shown on Birch (Pecan/Pecan) - Black Logo

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Wood *
Line 2 Engraving (+ $5)

2 Reviews

E. Smith 02-15-2024


One of my favorite turn model bats is the I13. But, this is my new favorite! I love everything about this bat! Although the barrel is large, it's well balanced and easy to swing. I love the handle because of the thickness. I hate thin handles. I like to feel the weight of the bat in my hands. If people only knew how well this bat is, then it would become more popular. This is a pure hitter's dream!

Lukas Stauderman 10-30-2023

Great Feel!

This bat feels GREAT! As someone who prefers a balanced bat and more of a gap to gap hitter, this bat feels fantastic! The steel pressed wood is second to none, and to get a fully custom wood bat for under $200 is very hard to find! Will definitely buy from Trinity again!

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